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Happy Hounds for Life working in partnership with IVC bringing you the perfect puppy concept.

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Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to hear about our signature Welcome Home Puppy Course. Designed to walk you through EVERY aspect of your puppy’s training through a series of fun, easy to follow video tutorials filmed in a real family life environment with our puppy Albert!

By the end of the course you will know how to:

  • Have your puppy toileting successfully outside.
  • Deal with play biting and chewing.
  • Have polite household manners at all times.
  • Keep your children safe so they can have lots of fun with your puppy.
  • Have your puppy settled and relaxed in their own company and able to be left alone.
  • Make sure your puppy is well socialised in every situation.
  • Have your puppy walking beautifully on a loose lead.
  • Teach all the useful every day commands such as drop it, leave, sit, down, come, wait, stay, stop and more.
  • Have your puppy running freely off lead at 12 weeks of age with a recall that will not fail. 
  • Have the relaxed, obedient and confident family dog you have always dreamed of.

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