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Puppy Parties

A great way to socialise your new pet

Until we can re-launch our puppy parties please check out the New Puppy and Puppy Socialisation tabs.

Come along to one of our puppy parties – it’s great fun! Not only does your dog get to socialise with other dogs, but you also get the chance to meet other owners.

Sarah, our nurse, has a special interest in dog behaviour and can give you plenty of advice to help your puppy thrive and avoid future behavioural issues. We’ll also weigh your puppy every week.

Plus when you return for vaccinations or treatment when your dog is older, they’ll be happy to come because they’ll associate the Ark with happy memories.

Puppies aged between 8 and 13 weeks are invited to attend on Thursdays from 1pm – 2pm at the Ark Veterinary Centre. 

Make sure your puppy gets booked into Sarah's parties whether his first vaccination is done at the Ark or elsewhere, even if he has had his first vaccination at the breeders. Don't wait until it's time for his second vaccination before he comes along.